Thursday, July 18, 2013

AIX Print Commands

AIX Print commands

qchk -q               To display the default q
qchk -P lp0         To display the status of the printer lp0
qchk -# 123        To display the status of job number 123
qchk -A              To display the status of all queues
qcan -x 123         To cancel the print job 123
qcan -X -P lp0     To cancel all jobs submitted to lp0
qpri -#570 -a 25  To change the priority of the job to 25
qhld # 569           To hold the job 569
qhld -r -#569        To remove holding from 569
qmov -m lpa -#11  To move the job 11 to queue lpa
enable psq             To enable queue psq
disable psq           To disable queue psq
cancel -#111         To cancel job 111
lpstat                   To display the status all queues
lpstat -p lp0         To display the status of print queue lp0
lpstat -u root         To display the jobs submitted by user root
lpq -P lp0              To display the status of queue lp0
last                     To list all the records in the /var/adm/wtmp file
last |grep shutdown     To show the shutdown sessions
uptime (w -u )         To show how long the system has been up